DO you often feel compassion but you never know how to take it beyond good intentions?

DO you love to talk about change but don’t really know how you can make it happen? 

LET us tell you a bit about our story and invite you into our lives…

We are the children of Makaphutu Children’s Village. There are 41 of us, boys and girls, between the ages of 1 and 18 years old. For lots of different reasons and circumstances we all lost our families and a safe home to live in at some point in our young lives. That is why we originally came to have our home at Makaphutu. Here we are cared for, loved, fed, clothed, and sent to school- our family is a happy place with a new Mum and Dad and aunties to show us the special love we all need so very much. But we still have lots of needs. In fact, we need YOUR help to make sure we are cared for! The Makaphutu team could really use your help as a volunteer in a multitude of areas if you have some time. We also need clothes and shoes, plates and spoons, crayons and pencils and lots more to keep making our home a real home, able to look after each one of us and make sure we know that no matter what, someone cares.

Please, anything you could donate, give, or time you could set aside to come and meet us would be VERY appreciated by each and every one of us. We live only 10 minutes from Hillcrest in the Valley of a Thousand Hills.  We hope you will find your role in equipping homes for the orphaned children of KwaZulu Natal. THANK YOU for letting us tell you a little of our story.


Makaphutu is a rewarding place to volunteer. You will see your contribution bring real change and joy into the lives of vulnerable children. In the process you will be CHANGED!

We need both RESIDENTIAL VOLUNTEERS (from SA and Overseas) and local DAY VOLUNTEERS.

Please click on the links below for more details: Download an application form, fill it in, scan it and send it back to Nic if you would like to volunteer. (nic@makaphutu.org.za)

Remember it only takes one person, one gift, one afternoon of your time, or one donation to make a positive difference in our lives that have had so many challenges. Spread the hope to children like us and see change in our province, in our country.

If you have any amount of time or service that you would like to give – please contact us on +27 (0)31 – 777 1239 or email Nic at nic@makaphutu.org.za